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Free schedule exists


Friends, they promised to share the results of our experiment with a free work schedule. They completely forgot about it. We are corrected.

Exactly 5 months have passed since the beginning of the experiment. We successfully wintered without endangering ourselves to be killed by an icicle or to slip off the sidewalk to Fontanka. We inform you that a free schedule exists! From the point of view of efficiency and productivity, we did not sag from the word at all. Each project was completed on time. At the same time, personal matters became noticeably longer. Our employees had time to visit the gym, we can afford to go to the bar right in the middle of the week, without fear that the next day with a sore head we need to go to the office and stare at the monitor. Basically, we are going to the whole team when discussing a new project, before presenting the design to the customer, well, and at the final stage of site development. Each member of our team has the right to choose when and where to work. We decided to introduce such a system on a permanent basis and are extremely pleased with such specifics of work.


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