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Empty chair


Here we decided to try the same, mysterious method of remote work. This trend has recently been gaining momentum.

Many large companies use it and “put it into a remote place” not only personnel such as call managers and account administrators in social networks, but also typical, full-time employees. We think this method for web studios fits perfectly. Modern communication technologies allow employees to interact at a distance at any time, and nobody canceled the office for urgent meetings.

There are a lot of pluses: saving time on the road (after all, Petersburg is not a small city), there is no need to “spend time” on work, you are the master of your life and decide how to build your work schedule yourself. Cons have not yet been noticed.

We inform all customers who are skeptical of such innovations — we won’t miss the deadlines, you can always find us in our cozy office at Pisareva 10a, just call an hour before the visit, we’re always there and always with you About the results of this approach We will inform you in a couple of projects.


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