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Prototypes in Figma


Friends! We have great news. Thanks to the Figma team and the latest update of this tool, we can make prototypes of our layouts even closer to real sites. Figma is an advanced tool for UI design. It allows you to draw a site, add animation to the layout, in general, the site prototype looks almost like it exists on the vast expanses of the network. Previously, an almost finished site could be seen at the programming stage itself. That is, if everything was suitable in the customer’s design, there could be things that he didn’t like in the finished version. The same animation, for example. And now we come to you with a site layout in which the final version is visible. And this:

Quickly. Only the designer managed to work on the project, and you can already see the final version.
Mobile edits. At the design stage, you can already make all the changes to the project. It is also fast and convenient for all of us.
Calmly. Yes, yes, we all know that remaking the old is sometimes worse than making the new. And so we all save our nerves. The developers have not yet fully invested in the site, and the customer can already evaluate their level of work and the degree of compatibility of the desired with the actual.


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