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pishi-sokrashchaj, our opinion


We are starting a series of posts on books. There will be many button accordions and subjectivity. Our opinion may not coincide with yours, and this is normal.

Let’s start with a book that has become, in certain circles, a real classic. Many of you have already read it, and heard more about it.

For feedback, we turned to our wonderful copywriter. We give it below.

“Truly the Bible is a copywriter. A very informative, waterless book with a bunch of examples for the dull. Valuable information for beginners. For those who continue, it may seem “yes, what I did not see there.” But practice shows that reading it and not rereading it to all the creators of Runet, because texts on 95% of sites are pure hell (by the standards of the book and common sense). This is a «tutorial» on writing texts in an information style. It explains in detail why fiction has no place in marketing, selling text and digital in general. The book will be useful not only to copywriters, but also to students, schoolchildren, journalists — everyone who writes not novels.

Task for the attentive. Find errors in the text according to the rules of the book »


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