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How we are working


We do not like to work on clear terms of reference. Very often, the customer, not knowing what he wants, asks for absolutely absurd things.

One of the clients asked for a very long time to replace the color of the site that we picked up with another, and none of our arguments acted on it. Changing the color, he was convinced that he was wrong (his face was visible), but did not talk to us about it, since he was too proud. We were not satisfied with the result of our work, but the customer maintained the integrity of his ego. Since then, we have changed the approach to working with clients. No, we do not do what we consider to be the only true one in our subjective opinion in the development of the site for our customers. At the first meeting, we talk with our potential client, listen to the wishes and special requirements for the future site. Already at the time of negotiations, some ideas are being swept away, something is being added. After the first meeting, we and our potential client already understand whether we are suitable for each other or not. In 90% of cases, the contract is signed after the first meeting.

After all formalities are settled according to the documents, we “disappear”. From two to four weeks (the time depends on the complexity of the site, we name them exactly before signing the contract and never violate), we develop the site, only occasionally disturbing the client on issues related to content, contact details, price lists, etc. After the stated development period, we meet with the client and present him a pre-release version of the site. In 100% of cases, we exceed all the most daring expectations of customers. After the presentation, we make a number of minor changes: tint the button, change the picture, and, often, this is not required, and launch the site.

We are sincerely convinced that such an approach is much more productive than outdated working methods for clear technical tasks. At the same time, he demands from us as developers even greater responsibility in working on the project than when working according to the well-defined customer specifications, because if the client is not satisfied with the developed site, you will not say to him: “you asked to do it yourself — get it” . We are confident in the correctness of this approach when developing sites. When the AURORA company just opened so that the first customers believed the young company, we prescribed in the contract a clause in which we guaranteed a full refund of the prepayment amount if the client did not like the site we developed. And, as you already guessed, the return to us for all the time did not have to be carried out even once.

As for working inside the studio, there are also some nuances here. We do not undertake the development of two or more large projects simultaneously. This helps to focus on a specific task, improves the quality of the site being developed, eliminates the project pipeline, allows us to create truly unique sites that delight both customers and visitors to their sites. Each project is supervised by the senior management of the company at all stages of development.

It is enough for the customer “on fingers” to tell us what he wants, and we will turn his wishes into reality, without requiring him to do our work, help, without asking unnecessary questions. We will fulfill the task assigned to us on time, with the highest quality and exceeding expectations.


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