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Why do I need a website?


«In the future, two types of companies will remain on the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have gone out of business.» Bill Gates.

No matter how trite it may sound, we live in an age of progress, the prosperity of technology and the total automation of all processes. All this, of course, affects everything, including business, advertising and sales. What role does the site play in business today? The answer is simple: leading.

No other type of advertising is currently more effective than an attractive, convenient, memorable and seo-optimized site. The leaflets handed out by the promoters “live” until the first trash, TV ads switch, and not every company can afford it. Banners, stands and other outdoor advertising is ineffective. Word of mouth is another matter, but relying solely on it is a big risk.

In general, speaking of advertising in general, aggressive sales methods are dying. Any intrusive advertising is annoying. Nowadays, a consumer wants to have the right to choose, be guided by his feelings and desires, to consciously decide who to pay for a particular service or product.

The seller’s task is to be at hand at a time when his potential customer will need a product. A simple example: a person suddenly has a toothache, what will he do? Go to the first dentistry that came across on the way? It is doubtful. Before making an appointment, the client wants to find out prices, read reviews, evaluate the level of quality of the services provided by a particular dentistry and a ton of various little things. Will a person with toothache go to dental clinics and ask them questions, such as: “Is it expensive for you?”, “Do you treat well?”, “What do people say about you?” The answer, quite obviously, is negative. The client will turn on his computer, enter in the search the key query “cure the tooth of the metro garden” and begin to study the information from the search engines, look for answers to their questions on the websites of the dentists who created it and were engaged in its promotion. If your site is convenient, attractive and informative, the likelihood that the client will contact you is growing at times. In the vast majority of cases, today sales are carried out in exactly this way. The client himself finds your site that presents your company, and if you have a good resource, it sells.

A site is a full-fledged employee of your company. If you take care of him, improve him all the time, keep an eye on him, trust his “training” to professionals, then this employee will fully repay you with good sales. But if you are creating your own “employee” for show, trying to save money, order development from freelancers, or from dubious web-studios, then you should not expect phenomenal sales from the employee site.

According to analytical data, the number of active Internet users in 2016 reached the mark
5,000,000,000 people, which is equivalent to the population of the whole world in 1987. The graph clearly shows how the number of Internet users is growing.

At this very time, visionary entrepreneurs understand where sales are going now — to the Internet. According to the research company Mix Research, 44% of Russians buy goods online, of which 6% buy food in the same way. Even despite the rather skeptical attitude of the consumer today regarding the purchase of food products on the Internet, one can still talk about the trend of “gradual adaptation”.

A simple conclusion follows from this: a site is the best tool to improve the sales of your services and products.

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