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Design lives one day


We want to share with you our pain. This is a regular situation that our projects face.

Here we have developed a cool site. About a month they drew a design, thought out every pixel, every squiggle. We bought fonts, beautiful pictures, at the development stage we tested every animation and script. With a calm soul and a sense of self-satisfaction, they passed the site and exhaled. Now we have a +1 project in our portfolio.

After a couple of months, we stop by to see how our website is doing. And involuntarily, bloody tears begin to go. Everything swims, twists, trembles and beats in agony. It was the customer who decided to play a designer / developer and thus “finalized” our project. Well, or I lost the memo that we give out to customers, and tried to add news to the blog using the famous “TYKA” method.

After that, there are two scenarios — bad and very bad.

Bad. The customer calls us and honestly admits: nabedokuril. He vowed that this would never happen again. From now on, amendments will be addressed immediately to us and on a reimbursable basis. Naturally, after we correct his mistakes and fix everything. We return the site to its former gloss, we threaten with a finger and we hope that the customer will keep his word and will not break anything.

Very bad. The customer, it turns out, has a brother, matchmaker, brother-in-law or some other distant relative. He on informatics received one four with a plus. He tells the customer that they say what it is, the text on top of the pictures, the telephone number in the header is not visible, it is necessary to make it red-green and pulsating, and here the new year is on the nose, let’s decorate the Christmas tree and let the snow still fall, for everything I’ll take a bottle of port from you and don’t have to pay money to these impudent developers.

After such a serious intervention, we give up. We delete the project from the portfolio and try to delete it from our life.

Such cases typed with a good dozen. For 2019, we removed about 15 projects from the portfolio. We simply cannot afford to let the site, or rather, what is left of it, represent the level of our development after making changes to it by the customer. And then people are surprised that for 3 years of the company’s existence we have such a small portfolio.

I’d like to give specific cases as an example, but we are afraid to hurt the feelings of these customers and their grief-helpers “programmers”.

In connection with this situation, we decided to create our account on Behance. We will store there all our work in its original form. On our site there will be projects whose customers respect our work, appreciate our competent opinion and are just great fellows.

We’ll publish a link to Behance when it’s ready.


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