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covid 19 vs business


Well guys, every day the news is more interesting. Quarantine (closing of institutions with the preservation of wages) was extended until the end of April. Again it seems that the situation is nowhere worse. Only companies associated with state contracts and government organizations as a whole can work. There is a vague feeling that we live in the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged.

How should beauty salons, fitness centers, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and other areas directly dependent on “open doors” survive? How to survive for those who honestly worked all this time, paid taxes, dues, created new jobs and a quality product?

I don’t want to talk about companies that depend on supplies from abroad. They began to suffer long before the announcement of official quarantine in Russia. Who does not know, quarantine in the same Europe has been going on for several months. There has been no production and supply of foreign equipment and raw materials since that moment.

Someone may say that the measures are justified, they say, the virus is not a joke, people are dying. This is true. But chopping off the shoulder, closing all business in the country without additional support is a cardinal measure. When it’s over, we will go out to the ashes.

What is left to the owners of the companies besides the obvious measures — downsizing, refusal to rent offices, closing branches, reducing wages, etc.?

It remains to rely on themselves and contractors who remain afloat and do not close production facilities. Beauty salons and fitness centers — sell certificates and subscriptions with pleasant discounts, cafes and restaurants — delivery, translation of services online. The most important thing is to stay on hearing.

All this will pass. If you now completely go into the deadlock, close all marketing channels and companies, yes, you will save money right now. But when quarantine ends, everyone will forget about you. The guys who remained as active as possible these days will pick up the whole new market.

Already, most of our customers have activated with double zeal. We launch new advertising campaigns, make vibrant promotional sites, update existing sites and receive orders for the development of new ones. When quarantine ends, and it ends, the market begins to come to life, and it is important at this moment to be ready, to be near, to remain reliable.

The AVA digital team stays with you. We are also 24/7 in touch, we carry out all projects on time and at the highest level of quality. Call anytime. We are always ready to discuss, suggest and help you and your business to straighten broad strong shoulders in a month or when, at last, they will give us such an opportunity.

Stay together. Stay AVA.


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